Kate de Selincourt – about me

I am a writer and editor, interested in the environment, sustainable building, and energy.

This site contains blog posts and articles, and also links to articles published elsewhere that I have written, co-written or edited.

I work for a small number of publications and organisations, and am happy to discuss working with others.

I can be contacted via: mail “at” katedeselincourt.co.uk

You can also find (and message) me on Twitter – @kate_de

Re-use and re-posting

All material on this site is copyright, either of Kate de Selincourt, or jointly between Kate de Selincourt and the publication where it has also appeared. I am delighted if you wish to share the material for interest, education and genuinely non-profit uses, so long as you let me know first.

For any proposed commercial use, please get in touch with me first, to request permission and to arrange terms.